nutrifres | Traditional Kuih Lompang NUTRIFRES
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Traditional Kuih Lompang NUTRIFRES


Traditional Kuih Lompang NUTRIFRES

Main Ingredients:
1 cups of Melaka Sugar Syrup Nutrifres
2 cups of rice flour
3 cups of water
1/2 small spoons of chalk water

Decorative ingredients:
Scar Coconut and some salt

1. Put in rice and water flour. messed up the flat.
2. Then put in Melaka Sugar Syrup NUTRIFRES. Stir up the flat.
3. Put in chalk water and stir. Filter the mix.
4. Heat the reference that is greased with little cooking oil. (5 minutes).
5. Later, filter the lompang cake mix
3. Pour the mix into the mold and steam with a strong fire for 15-20 minutes.
4. The result of a very beautiful pipit lomped hollow cake.
5. Serve together with grated coconut with some salt.

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