nutrifres | Company Introduction
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Highest Quality and Standard of Hygiene Products

NUTRIFRES Food & Beverages Industries Sdn Bhd (NFB) is a leading Food & Beverages Manufacturer in the Region, NFB was established in year 2000.


All products that we manufactured are HALAL with Certified by JAKIM.  NFB has been established Nutritious food, Health drinks , Food drinks , Fruit Drinks and High Quality of Fruit Juice Concentrated holding the home brand “NUTRIFRES”, “THE TUBE”, “NUTRIGOLD” and “AFDAL”. And, we are doing for other production in OEM Brand as well. NFB is currently manufacturing, distributing and wholesaling the brand both locally and more than 20 countries internationally.

NFB products are of the highest quality and standard of hygiene which continues to cater for the 21st century lifestyle where drinks can be nutritiously tasty and healthy. NFB products come in wide range of flavours ranging from concentrated fruit juice to health drinks including Spirulina, Chlorophy ll, Collagen and Propolis.  All the products are being manufactured using the best manufacturing facilities and stringent quality control.


We aim to constantly provide our customers the best products and also extend our services to not only be the market leader in developing high quality beverages but also become a recognised contract manufacturer and packer for all kinds of beverages locally and internationally. We will continue to introduce new beverages that meet the demands of today’s hectic lifestyle and the needs of sophisticated customer through constant research & development.

We work closely with you and carry out research to understand your needs and wishes.